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Marine Corps Base Hawaii

"Supporting Readiness and Global Projection"

Base Inspector

Plan, coordinating and administering the Commanding Officer’s Inspection Program (CIP), Request Mast, & Equal Opportunity Programs to include the assembly and training of the Inspection Teams.

Keep and maintain the standards that are required by all who come aboard the Installation according to the BaseO P5500.15B.

Staff and investigate as necessary local Hotline complaints and DoD/IGMC Hotline complaints as directed. Ensure appropriate responses to complainants are provided.

Refer of individual cases to the Base Magistrate that effect good order and discipline aboard the Base (child abuse, domestic violence, animal control, youth misconduct, substance abuse etc.).  For further information concerning Base Magistrate Hearings please refer to BaseO 5821.1C.

Serve as a voting member of the Case Review Committee in the absence of the Base Inspector.

Oversee the Base Community Service program for youth misconduct and traffic violations.

Approve fundraisers, small business operations, and signs posted aboard MCB Hawaii.

Ensure Base common areas are kept clean and orderly (Base Beautification). Coordinate with all tenant commands aboard MCB Hawaii to support Bi-annual Base Beautification Events (Base Malama Ka 'Aina).

Provide guidance and advice to the MCB Hawaii Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) in the execution and administration of the Commanding Officer's EO Program (EO complaint handling, special emphasis program, and EO Climate Surveys).

Coordinate all CONGRINT tasker assignments to appropriate Commands and draft CO’s response to OLAC.

All written correspondence must be mailed to the following address:

Commanding Officer
Attn: Base Inspector
Box 63002
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe Bay HI 96863-3002

We do accept correspondence by fax. All information we receive is protected under the Privacy Act.

Equal Opportunity Advisor
Formal Complaint
Debarment Appeals
Reinstatement of Privileges (Driving privileges, etc.)  
Home Business
Sign Request

Please contact the MCB Hawaii Base Inspector prior to contacting the Inspector General of the Marine Corps. For more IG related information please visit the following website.

Base Inspector
LtCol David Bohn
Commercial Phone (808) 257-7716
Fax (808) 257-8449

Deputy Inspector
Commercial Phone (808) 257-7717
Fax (808) 257-8449

Inspector Administration Chief
Commercial Phone (808) 257-8861
Fax (808) 257-8449

Inspector Admin
Commercial Phone (808) 257-8861
Fax (808) 257-8449

Inspector NCO
Commercial Phone (808) 257-8861
Fax (808) 257-8449

Base Working Party NCOIC
Commercial Phone (808) 257-8861
Fax (808) 257-8449

Hotline Complaint
Commercial Phone (808) 257-8852