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Marine Corps Base Hawaii

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Apply for Housing

You may apply for housing in advance by submitting the DD1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing), DD1746 Addendum (sex offender statement), Privacy Act Release Form, and a copy of your orders (web orders will be accepted). However, for most applicants your wait on the list begins the date you detach from your current permanent duty station. Housing will not be offered prior to you physically arriving to Hawaii and officially reporting for duty.

Upon arrival, all service members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must report to the Family Housing Office located on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. Marines will need to have with you a copy of your endorsed Original Orders, your Reporting Endorsement provided by your S-1 listing your dependents, and your travel voucher paperwork. Navy will need a copy of your endorsed Original Orders and your Command Sponsorship Letter.

You can accept and move into a house no more than 14 days before your family arrives.

We highly recommend that you apply in advance.

Advance Application

Note: The advance housing application below is intended for active duty military personnel.

Please fill out the application, DD1746 (click for fillable file), along with the DD Form 1746 Addendum and Privacy Act Release Form. Print both the application and the addendum and fax it to (808) 257-1259 or DSN 457-1259 along with a copy of your Orders (please only send pages of the application that you have signed), or mail the forms to:  Family Housing Department, Box 63003, MCB Kaneohe Bay, HI  96863-3003. If you have an email address, please include this information in your application.  Once your application has been sent, please allow 10 working days for information to be added to our database.

Housing Assignment

Assignments to housing will not be made any earlier than the member’s reporting date. You must have a minimum of six months remaining on your tour of duty when assigned to housing.

When housing is available for assignment, you will be referred to our partner, Forest City Residential Management for an offer. Under the following circumstances, housing applicants will be given only one offer with no turn-down option: Key and Essential billets; medical or EFMP requirements; house to house moves; approved priorities; and reinstatements to the waiting list.

All others are eligible to receive up to two offers. You have the privilege of declining your first offer and retaining you eligibility date and position on the waiting list. However, those on TLA are cautioned that by declining the first offer, TLA will stop the day before you would have been able to move into the house. Should you decline two offers, you will be removed from the waiting list.

If you are assigned for duty at MCB Hawaii and are on TLA, and if housing is available, you will be referred for housing at MCB Hawaii first. You must be released from MCB Hawaii and referred to all other PPV housing on the island if interested. You are required to sign a release acknowledging you will be removed from the MCB Hawaii waiting list.

Exceptional Family Member

If your Exceptional Family Member has a medical requirement and is in need of a housing accommodation, please contact the installation EFMP office here on MCBH Kaneohe Bay.  For inbound Navy EFMP families intending to live aboard MCBH Kaneohe Bay, please contact this installation's EFMP office so we may provide your family guidance.  We can be reached at (808) 257-0290 or you may visit us in person at Bldg. 219 (underneath the Library).

Non-Temporary Storage

Housing on Base and in the civilian community generally has less square footage and storage space than in the Continental U.S. (CONUS).  We encourage you to use non-temporary storage for excess furnishings and cold-weather items if you are moving  from CONUS.