Marine Corps Base Hawaii


Marine Corps Base Hawaii

"Supporting Readiness and Global Projection"


Image of the Base Chapel.

Near the Commissary
Building 6677

808-257-3552 / 5138
(For critical emergencies please call the duty chaplain at 808-927-6583)

Chapel Mission
The MCBH Chapel provides religious ministry primarily to active duty military personnel and their families. We help support service members and families for mission readiness by encouraging spiritual, moral and ethical maturity through the innovative delivery of religious ministry and compassionate pastoral care.

What does the Base Chapel Offer?
We offer religious services ranging from Roman Catholic and Protestant traditional to contemporary, mid-week Bible studies, CCD and Sunday School to weekend breakfasts, youth group to Women's ministries. MCBH Chapel has a wide selection of wonderful worship and fellowship opportunities with its convenient location on base. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to become your church home.

Worship Services
To reach a Chaplain after working hours or on weekends, contact the Base Command Duty Officer at 808-257-7700.

  Catholic Community Protestant Community
Sunday 0930 and 1700: Mass 1100: Contemporary Service (with Children’s Church)
  0815 - 0915: CCD (pre K – 7th and Confirmation)
  1600 - 1645: Reconciliation (Confessions)

Chapel facilities and spaces are available for use by authorized personnel and organizations contingent upon availability and operational commitments.  Please fill out the Chapel Facility Reservation Request Form and bring it to the Chapel Front Office for approval.  For information regarding Chapel Facility Reservations call 808-257-4463.

Chapel Facilty Reservation Form