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Marine Corps Base Hawaii

"Supporting Readiness and Global Projection"

Household Chemicals

MCBH Environmental Protection Specialist
 (808) 257-6920 ext. 239

Housing Department Self Help Store
(808) 257-2042

Trash Can. Absorb and Trash:  Pour liquid into a plastic bag with absorbent material, such as shredded newspaper, old rags, or sawdust.  Once liquid is absorbed, seal the bag, then throw away in trash can.  An oil change box provides the same results.  Paints can be hardened in the can, then thrown away.  For containers with small quantities of liquids, close the container securely to prevent spillage, then throw away.  For sprays, place absorbent material in a plastic bag, spray until can is empty, being careful not to inhale the fumes; leave c an in bag. then tie and throw away in trash container.
Blue Water Drop.
Flush Down Drain:  Flush down the drain with plenty of water; rinse and throw empty container away in trash container.
Circular Arrows. Return to Retailer:  Retailers of car batteries are required by law to accept your old battery when you purchase a new replacement.  For excess batteries, call a battery recycler or ask retailers if they'll accept additional batteries.  You can also take propane tanks (empty or containing gas) to Aloha LP Gas or Air Liquide at no cost.  Gaspro will accept old tanks at no charge with the purchase of a new one.
Red Skull and Crossbones. Special Handling:  On-base residents can take these items to Housing Self Help.  Off-base residents should contact City and County for disposal at 692-5411.


Kitchen & Bathroom

Trash Can.

Aerosol cans
Bug sprays
Floor care products
Furniture polish
Medicine (liquid)
Medicine (pills)
Nail polish
Oven cleaner (lye base)
Syringes (In puncture-proof container) 

Blue Water Drop.

Alcohol-based lotions
Ammonia-based cleaner
Aluminum cleaners
Drain cleaners
Hair relaxers
Laundry bleach
Bathroom cleaners
Permanent lotions
Toilet bowl cleaners
Tub and tile cleaners
Window cleaner

Garage & Workshop 

Trash Can.

Auto repair products
Brake Fluid
Car wax (with solvent)
Cutting oil
Diesel fuel
Fiberglass epoxy
Fuel oil
Metal polish (with solvent)
Motor oil
Other oils

Red Skull and Crossbones.

Paint brush cleaner (solvent)
Paint stripper
Rust remover
Transmission fluid
Wood preservatives

Circular Arrows.

Auto battery

Yard & Garden

Circular Arrows.

Propane tanks and cylinders

Trash Can.


Red Skull and Crossbones.

Rodent poisons
Swimming pool chemicals

Storage Closet 

Trash Can.

Art supplies
Household batteries
Moth balls
Shoe polish

Red Skull and Crossbones.

Dry cleaning solvents
Gun cleaning solvents
Lighter fluid
Old smoke detectors
Photographic chemicals