Marine Corps Base Hawaii


Marine Corps Base Hawaii

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Pets in Hawaii

You may keep up to two pets in family housing. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, domestic rabbits, white mice, rats (U.S origin only), most common cage birds, fish and cold blooded animals purchased commercially in Hawaii may be kept as pets.

MCB Hawaii Pet Registration Requirements

MCB Hawaii Veterinary Treatment Facility

Many animals are prohibited in Hawaii in order to protect the environment. Others are prohibited in family housing. You may not keep any of the following animals in base housing:

  • Gerbils, hamsters, mongooses, monkeys, rats (except as noted above), wild rabbits, ferrets, horses and ponies or animals normally considered livestock.
  • Game or hunting birds, pigeons, doves, poultry, Aztec dwarf parrots, monk parakeet and certain species of mynah.
  • Staffordshire Terriers, Pitbulls, Rottweilers and canid/ wolf hybrids or any mixed breed thereof.
  • All types of snakes and iguanas are prohibited in Hawaii.
  • Bees may not be kept in housing
  • Wildlife-many species of birds and wildlife, including their eggs, are protected endangered species. You may not handle them without a special permit.

Pet Quarantine

Hawaii Rabies Quarantine Information Brochure

Checklist for 5-day-or-less Program

The state of Hawaii enacted a new quarantine policy effective 30 June 2003. The new policy changes the quarantine period of 120 days to 5 days or less if certain requirements are met. For further information, check the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website or contact the Hawaii Division of Animal Industry at (808) 483-7100.

Please note, housing policy allows a maximum of two pets per household. Full or mixed breeds of Pit Bills, Rottweilers and canid/wolf hybrids, are prohibited aboard the Marine Cops Installation. In the absence of formal breed identification (e.g.’ certificate by a civilian organization such as the American Kennel Club) a determination of “majority breed” will be made by the Base Veterinary Clinic or a civilian veterinarian.