VWAP Local Resources

The MCB Hawaii Chaplain offers counseling, religious ministries and related services to victims & witnesses upon request. 

(808) 257-5138

Victim Legal Counsel
Mission:  The Marine Corps Victims' Legal Counsel Organization is fully committed to provide legal advice, counseling, and representation to victims of sexual assault and other crimes, and to protect victims' rights at all stages of the military justice process.

What we do:  VLCO services are primarily intended for active duty military members and reservists on active duty who are victims of sexual assault; however, eligible victims of other crimes in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) may also seek assistance from a Victims’ Legal Counsel (VLC) as provided under 10 USC §1044 and JAGINST 5800.7F (JAGMAN). 

(808) 257-2274

Legal Assistance
The MCB Hawaii Legal Assistance Office provides crime victims and witnesses information regarding their rights under the Victim Witness Assistance Program and applicable law and regulation, including, rights and benefits afforded a victim; the military justice system, including the roles and responsibilities of the trail counsel, defense counsel, investigators, and commander, and the rights afforded an accused; the ability of the government to compel cooperation and testimony; the contempt power of the court; the availability of protections offered by civilian and military restraining and protective orders; and when requested shall contact a creditor of a victim or witness who is subjected to serious financial strain caused by the crime or by the cooperation in the investigation or prosecution of an offense. 

(808) 257-6738
Victim Advocacy Support

MCB Hawaii’s Victim advocates respond to sexual assault and domestic violence incidences 24/7 by providing supportive and advocacy services for the victim.

FAP HOTLINE: 216-7175

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Coordinates all the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) activities on MCB Hawaii and is the subject matter expert for the SAPR program, and for victims of sexual assault.

(808) 257-7777

Family Advocacy Program

In addition to Counseling Services, MCCS Hawaii offers the Family Advocacy Program, which is dedicated to the prevention, education, reporting, intervention and treatment of domestic violence.

(808) 257-7780/81

State of Hawaii Crime Victim Compensation Commission

The Crime Victim Compensation Commission was created in 1967 by the Hawai‘i Legislature to alleviate the physical, mental and financial hardships suffered by victims of violent crime.  The Commission provides compensation to victims of violent crimes for their crime-related injuries and losses, and to “Good Samaritans” for injuries or property damage suffered in the prevention of a crime or apprehension of a criminal.

(808) 587-1143
Prosecution/Trial Services Office

The Trial Services Office, Legal Services Support Team, Kaneohe Bay provides legal advice and support to all MCB Hawaii tenant commands in the prosecution of Marines and Sailors in general, special, and summary courts-martial.  Rights and services afforded by the military justice office to victims and witnesses during the criminal trial process include:

  • The right to be present at all public court proceedings
  • the right to be contacted about the proposed dismissal of any and all charges
  • the right to be consulted on decisions not to prosecute
  • the right to be contacted regarding the proposed terms of any negotiated plea
  • and the right to be notified of the acceptance of a guilty plea, or any conviction, sentencing and imprisonment of the accused.
(808) 257-6750
MCB Hawaii Criminal Investigation and Law Enforcement

NCIS, CID and PMO provide investigative services for criminal offenses.  Criminal investigators and law enforcement personnel are responsible for providing victims and witnesses of crimes with the initial information under the VWAP and ensuring they have points of contact for all available services and assistance under the VWAP.

NCIS – (808) 257-1777
CID –   (808) 257-1305/06
PMO –  (808) 257-7114/2123

Correctional Facilities (Brigs)

Military brigs house inmates before, during, and after the trial.  An accused service member assigned to a MCB Hawaii command will placed into pretrial or post-trial confinement at the Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, Detachment Pearl Harbor (NAVCON Brig Miramar).  As a victim or a witness, upon request you will be afforded the right to receive notifications regarding changes in the status of an inmate including: release, parole, transfer, and death.

(808) 472-5610

MCB Hawaii Branch Medical Clinic provides medical services for military personnel and their dependents.

(808) 473-0247

A Unit VWAC is the command’s primary point of contact for victim and witness assistance matters.  In conjunction with the VWLO, VWACs coordinate victim and witness assistance matters within their unit.  Victims and witnesses should not hesitate to contact their unit’s VWAC for more information, assistance, or to help get in contact with victim and witness assistance services.

 HQBN  (808) 257-3294
 MCAS  (808) 257-1707
 3d Mar Reg  (808) 257-1916
 1/3  (808) 257-2290
 2/3  (808) 257-2581
 3/3  (808) 257-5162
 1/12  (808) 257-2164
 MAG-24  (808) 257-3222
 MALS-24  (808) 257-1900
 HMH-463  (808) 257-9986
 HMLA-367  (402) 598-3374 (Cell)
 3rd RadBn  (808) 257-0951
 4th Force Recon  (808) 257-1748
 MARFORPAC  (808) 257-8365
 WWBn West HI Det  (808) 257-8576
 21st Dental  (808) 257-0040
 CLB-3  (808) 257-1558
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