PMO/Vehicle Registration for State of Hawaii

Registering A Vehicle In Hawaii

All vehicles must be registered in the State of Hawaii. You have 30 days from the date listed on the Bill of Lading (shipping receipt) to complete Hawaii registration before incurring State of Hawaii penalties.  You may choose to keep your current state license plates. You will need to obtain an out-of-state permit from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to attach to your registration. You will receive a blue sticker to place on the bumper of your vehicle as required per the state when all the requirements listed below are met.  When the out-of-state registration expires, you may switch to Hawaii registration or choose to renew your out-of-state plates. The registered owner will be required to renew both the out-of-state as well as the Hawaii state registration to ensure compliance to maintain the out-of-state permit registration current.


Steps to register your vehicle with State of Hawaii

  1. Hawaii No-Fault Insurance must be obtained within 24 hours from the date listed on the Bill of Lading (shipping receipt) – You will need watermark insurance card print out or digital/electronic copy for valid proof of insurance.  Feel free to have it faxed to either office providing you the service.

    • Camp Smith Pass & ID BLDG 601 Fax: (808)477-8733

    • PMO Customer Service Center BLDG 1095 Fax: (808) 257-0130

    • Visitor’s Contractor Center BLDG 1637 (Pass House) Fax: (808) 257-0072

  2. Obtain a CS-L 50 – Non- Resident Form, issued at the locations mention in step 1.

    • Must have title, out-of-state registration, notarized Bill of Sale, or temporary registration.

  3. Obtain a failed Hawaii Safety Check/Inspection

    • Appointments for Safety Inspections on MCBH can be made at Firestone or 5-0 Motors

    • For modified vehicles, the registered owner is required to obtain a Reconstructed Vehicle Inspection (RECON)

  4. Go to Satellite City Hall to register your vehicle

    • You must have Registration, temporary registration or Notarized Bill of Sale, Failed Safety, Bill of lading (Shipping Receipt), and current Hawaii No Fault Insurance

    • Registration must be complete within 30 days of the shipping receipt or you will incur penalties from the State of Hawaii

  5. Return to where failed Safety/Inspection Check was issued

    • You must have HI registration or out-of-state registration, Hawaii No Fault Insurance and failed safety. You will be issued safety inspection paper to keep and a sticker to place on the bumper of your vehicle

    • Returning to the same location ensures that you will only pay once for the Safety Inspection

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