PMO/Privately Owned Firearms


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Honolulu Police Department weapons registration appointments are limited and/or several months out.  MCBH Firearms registration can be conducted to ensure proper registration aboard the installation.  Unit CO/XO/SgtMajs will be contacted via email to ensure that they are aware of the service members pending Honolulu Police Department registration.  Please contact our office (808)257-1264/0183 to ensure all necessary personnel are notified.

Per Base Order 5532 Ch 5, all weapons must be registered in the State of Hawaii with the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) within 48 hours of arrival.

Firearms must first be registered with HPD before they can be registered aboard MCB Hawaii.

Base registration for privately owned firearms is conducted by PMO records section at:

  • PMO Service Center Building 1095, Kaneohe Bay

  • Bldg. 601, Camp Smith

Personnel must bring the HPD registration form, military identification or CAC card if civilian, and state driver’s license with them in order to register their weapon(s). Do not bring the weapon(s) to PMO. PMO will issue a firearm pass upon registration that must accompany the weapon at all times.

Personnel residing in BEQs/BOQs, TLF or Barracks must store weapons in their unit armory. A statement from the armory must be obtained before registering with PMO Services Center

**Weapon(s) requiring registration and ammunition may not be kept in any BEQ/BOQ, TLF or Barracks.**

Should any question arise on the need to register a weapon contact PMO immediately and seek clarification at (808) 257-0183, for afterhours assistance (808)257-2123.

For more information on Firearms registration with the Honolulu Police Department, please visit

Marine Corps Base Hawaii