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Personal Services Request

***Submission of Forms via Email***
All electronic forms must be digitally signed in the appropriate signature block using your DoD CAC credentials to validate the information submitted.  Any email or email attachment containing sensitive PII, such as date of birth, must be sent via official DoD email and encrypted and digitally signed in accordance with DoD policy. This type of sensitive PII is contained in a completed MCBH S-7 FORM 5532, BASE ACCESS REQUEST FORM, and possibly other forms or information that you provide to the Provost Marshal's Office. The use of unencrypted email or personal email for this type of information is not authorized and presents a risk of exposing visitors' sensitive information to entities that may use that information for malicious purposes.

Personal Services access passes are for restricted access issued to allow a civilian access the installation on designated times and dates to provide reoccurring personal services to base residents for specific reasons such as health care, child care, lessons, etc. Apply for a Personal Services at our Camp Smith Pass & ID Office or PMO Services Center Office, hours previously listed, or via government issued email at .  Please see the note above concerning the submission of forms via email. The following procedures apply:

1. Base residents who hire Household Employees for domestic help, (nannies, health aides, private nurses, cooks, maids, etc.) must meet the requirements of Base Order 1710.55A before a Personal Services Pass is issued.

2. Sponsors will instruct their visitor to pre-enroll in DBIDS and the sponsor will submit the S-7 Form 5532 to PMO at least ten business days before the first visit. Sponsor will include a signed letter clearly stating the reasons for the request, the days of the week, and the inclusive times access is requested. Personal Services Passes are not authorized for persons under the age of 18.

3. Personnel who sponsor any commercial entity for reoccurring services will provide a letter or other documentation (contract, work order, etc.) from the commercial activity that certifies the commercial relationship with the sponsor and the number of hours per week Base access is needed.  The Sponsor will provide a copy of the professional license or certificate if the service requires a license or certification, such as health care professionals, special education instructors, therapists, etc, when requested, if the care is not subsidized by TRICARE or other government entity. Sponsors who request the services of a private individual may be required to provide supporting documentation as requested by PMO Services Office, depending on the type and frequency of the provided service.

4. Sponsor will be notified by PMO Service Center of unfavorable background checks.

  • Individuals with an unsatisfactory background check will not be permitted on MCBH. Individual may request for a base waiver.

5. Applicant arrives at any of our offices, previously listed, to complete DBIDS enrollment and be issued a DBIDS credential. Personal Services Passes are valid for up to six months and may be renewable upon reapplication. The pass is valid only for the dates, time, destination, and other restrictions listed on the pass. Personal Services passes will be revoked if the cardholder accesses the installation outside the restrictions on the pass and the sponsor may lose sponsorship privileges.

6. Personal Services Pass requests for on-call or as needed services such as babysitting, pet care, housecleaning, etc., without scheduled appointments will be denied, as will requests for 24/7 unescorted access. Exceptions for medical care or similar circumstances may be granted at the discretion of Supervisory Security Assistant. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Manager may verify the necessity of Personal Service Passes for registered EFMP personnel.

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