PMO/Houseguest Privileges

Houseguest Privileges Requests

House Guests are individuals sixteen (16) or older, who are visiting military members (active duty) who reside or are utilizing base lodging facilities on MCBH which are eligible for this pass. Residents of Oahu do not qualify for House Guest privileges. Registered House Guest Passes will not be issued to visitors staying off MCBH. Sponsors requesting to sponsor a house guest visiting more than 72 hours must submit a House Guest form to the PMO Service Center prior to the visit for processing. House Guests with passes are not authorized entry to the commissary or allowed to make purchases, nor are they permitted to purchase merchandise at MCCS facilities.

Extended visits (30 or more days) are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be for the benefit of the Active-Duty member or their command sponsored dependents. Guardianship papers, power-of-attorney, or other legal authorization must be provided for minor guests.


Process for Submitting Houseguest Forms:

***Submission of Forms via Email***
All electronic forms must be digitally signed in the appropriate signature block using your DoD CAC credentials to validate the information submitted.  Any email or email attachment containing sensitive PII, such as date of birth, must be sent via official DoD email and encrypted and digitally signed in accordance with DoD policy. This type of sensitive PII is contained in a completed MCBH S-7 FORM 5532, BASE ACCESS REQUEST FORM, and possibly other forms or information that you provide to the Provost Marshal's Office. The use of unencrypted email or personal email for this type of information is not authorized and presents a risk of exposing visitors' sensitive information to entities that may use that information for malicious purposes.

1.  Houseguest forms are available for physical pick up at:

  • Visitor Contract Center / Pass House - located at Bldg. 1637 by MCBH Main Gate, Mon – Fri 0600 - 1630

  • PMO Service Center - located at Bldg. 1095 first floor, Mon-Fri, 0730-1630

  • Camp Smith Pass & ID - Bldg. 601, Mon-Fri, 0630-1545

  • Click here for downloadable form

2.  The following information will be disclosed in Form 5532, ensuring that form is signed in order to validate information provided:

  • Sponsors information

  • You will need your house guest’s full legal name, and DBIDS Pre-enrollment code

  • When form is submitted, the location of the guest stay will be disclosed.

3.  Drop-off completed House Guest form to:

  • Our Camp Smith Pass & ID Office or PMO Services Center Office, hours previously listed, or via email to See the note above concerning the submission of forms via email.

3A. Additional Information Required for Foreign National Guests

  • A copy of their passport information page, VISA or I-551 (Green Card) if any

  • 14 day minimum drop-off required for NCIS base access review and approval

  • All Foreign Nationals regardless of age must be submitted for base access

3B. Additional Information Required for Extended House Guests (30 or more days)

  • A letter from sponsor on letter head in conjunction to command endorsement are required at the time of request drop-off. Click here for sample letter

  • Sponsor will route PMO approved completed request to Family Housing Office located at 1571 Lawrence Road. Family Housing Office will then provide approval letter to be routed to Ohana Military Communities Office for final approval signatures. Extended pass is contingent to approval from Family Housing Office and Ohana Military Communities

  • Once approved, you may return to any of our offices listed in section 1 with guests. Passes must be renewed and will not exceed 30 days

4.  Sponsor will be notified by PMO Service Center of favorable or unfavorable background check.

  • Individuals with a favorable background check must be picked up by the sponsor and taken to the respective Ohana Military Communities for approval if staying in on-base housing.

  • House Guests with an unsatisfactory background check will not be permitted aboard MCBH. Individual(s) may request for a waiver, for further information click here.  For Base Access Waiver, CLICK HERE.

5.  Upon House Guests arrival sponsor and/or spouse must accompany their guest(s) to any of our locations listed in section 1. Completed approved form will be needed at every visit for pass issuance. Guests will need to provide all required documents upon issuance of initial pass. Click here for further information of required documents for DBIDS Credential Issuance.

For additional questions regarding houseguest please contact, the PMO Customer Service Center (808)257-0183/3842, Visitor Contractor Center/Pass House (808) 257-2047 or Camp Smith Pass and ID (808) 477-8735.

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