PMO/Base Access Waiver

Waiver Process for Denials

Personnel/Guest who have been denied access to MCBH may appeal in writing to Director, S-7, via the Provost Marshal’s Office.  Individuals may contact the Base Access Waiver Section at (808) 257-1057 for further instructions or via mail to:

Provost Marshal Office
ATTN: Base Access Waiver Section
Marine Corps Base Hawaii
P.O. Box 63062
Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3062

  • The applicant must submit in writing, reasonable compelling justification for base access with supporting documents. Supporting documents must include three or more written recommendation letters from the applicant’s employer or non-family members of the community who may speak to the applicant’s character, employment, and other personal contributions to the civilian or military community.

  • The Provost Marshal Office Base Access Waiver Section will prepare a waiver package, including supporting documentation for the access denial and the applicants’ waiver documents, and forward to the Director, S-7.

  • The Director, S-7 will conduct an objective evaluation of the validity of the individual’s appeal and consider mitigating factors such as the nature and severity of the offense, the circumstances surrounding the offense, most recent offense, and frequency of the offense, the individual’s age and maturity at the time of the offense, the individual’s effort toward rehabilitation, and other factors before a decision is made. The applicant will receive a written response via certified mail upon the completion of the waiver process.

  • Further challenges to the Director, S-7 findings may be disputed through the MCBH Magistrate, no later than 20 days following notice of the Director, S-7 findings.

  • Persons who reside or work at another service installation and are denied access to that installation based on a reciprocal debarment from MCBH, may challenge the findings with the other service installation for access to that installation. MCBH still has the right to deny entry onto this installation despite the findings of another Service.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii