PMO/Agent Card Privileges

Agent Card Processing

To obtain a valid Agent Card after receiving the Agent letter from the patient’s PCM, schedule an appointment, send documents or visit the appropriate Pass and ID office, based on branch of service the patient served in when they were on active duty.


Army personnel – go to Schofield Barracks
Navy and Air Force personnel – go to Pearl Harbor/Hickam
Marine Corps personnel – go to Kaneohe Bay

Note: The Agent and Patient (if possible) must be present with valid identification cards for both. (Driver’s License or Military Identification Card).


Marine Corps (Kaneohe Bay) Walk In: 0730 – 1630 MON-FRI

Vehicle Registration Bldg. 1095, First floor Phone: (808) 257-1057 Fax: (808) 257-0130 Attn: Agent Card
Contact for email address of processing clerk


Mail to:

Military Police Department
Attn: Agent Card
Box 63062
Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863 3062


Air Force and Navy (Pearl Harbor/Hickam) Walk In 24/7

Pass and ID Office, Building 3455, outside the Nimitz Gate on Center Drive
For more information about Agent Card processing and requirements please call
(808) 449-0865


Army – Schofield Barracks (No longer available at Ft Shafter)

Please Call by Appointment Only
673 Ayres Ave Building 750 Room 166
Call: (808) 655-8840
Call back wait is 24-48hrs


Agent Card Checklist


Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay
  • Letter to the Provost Marshal, MCBH, clearly stating the need for an agent. The letter must contain the sponsor and agent’s full name, social security number, address, and driver’s license number. The letter also must include contact information for the sponsor to include telephone number and email address if applicable.

  • Front and back photocopy of the sponsor’s military identification card and the proposed agent’s driver’s license.

  • Sponsors requesting an agent based on disability, sickness, or other incapacitation must include a letter from a physician which provides diagnosis and duration of the disability, dated within 30 calendar day.

  • Sponsors requesting an agent based overseas assignment or deployment must submit a copy of military orders and command endorsement.

  • Sponsors requesting an agent based on their child in the custody of a parent or guardian who is not an authorized patron, must provide a copy of a power of attorney or court order.

  • MCBH S-7 Form 5532 – CLICK HERE Fill all of the highlighted areas on the form and be sure to pre-enroll into our DBIDS system at The pre-enrollment code is only valid for 30-days, so be sure to pre-enroll just before you submit your packet. If there are issues with being able to pre-enroll, you must download the site certificates at and then go back to the pre-enrollment site to get enrolled.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii