PMO/Disposition of Vehicle



The Provost Marshal will be the primary agency in the administration of abandoned vehicles and the primarily point of contact for this Order at (808) 257-0183.  Due to the increase of abandoned vehicles on Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), a more rigorous process is needed to be established for outbound service members to ensure responsible disposition of privately owned vehicles (POVs).  Individual service members bear responsibility for their vehicle’s disposition.  Refer to Base Order 5560.1 for a complete reference.

The following steps outline the process each service member departing MCBH will take before proceeding to their unit administration center (or IPAC) for the issuance of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders.

  • Within 5-30 days of departure, all service members will checkout with the Vehicle Registration Office. At that time, the primary owner of any vehicle will complete the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Vehicle Disposition Form (MCBH S-7 Form 5560/1) and take the document to the Vehicle Registration Office. MCBH will not reimburse outbound Marines or family members for the cost of rental vehicles.

  • If the vehicle in question has been sold to a service member aboard MCBH, that individual will accompany the primary owner (service member checking out) to the Vehicle Registration Office. At that time, the primary owner will de-register the vehicle and the new vehicle’s owner will register it. If the new owner is a resident of MCBH and not present, the seller will not be checked out of the Vehicle Registration Office. If the new vehicle’s owner does not work or reside aboard MCBH, the State of Hawaii documents indicating transfer will be verified and a note will be made by the Vehicle Registration Office.

  • If the vehicle in question is shipped or sold/transferred to an organization, then Block 4 of MCBH S-7 Form 5560/1 will be completed and all appropriate transfer paperwork will accompany MCBH S-7 Form 5560/1. The Vehicle Registration Office will contact the gaining organization prior to de-registering the vehicle from the primary owner.

Marines who do not properly check out with the Vehicle Registration Office may be subjected to delays during the Outbound process, which includes cancelled flights.  Also, failure to depart on the scheduled departure date because of an improper check out does not constitute as a valid reason to submit for an extension of temporary lodging allowance for additional days incurred.


Marine Corps Base Hawaii