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Family Housing
COVID-19 Process:
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not seeing any applicants in person but are processing all applications digitally. Please follow the following instructions and call our office if you have any questions. DO NOT COME INTO THE OFFICE. Once complete, applications will be forwarded to OMC/Hunt for processing. OMC/Hunt will then contact you to continue the housing process.
If you are new to the island you must check in with your unit, IPAC, and disbursing. They are not seeing anyone in person at this time. You can contact them by phone and/or digitally.
Family Housing Office: 808-257-2676
OMC/Hunt Leasing: 808-839-8720, Option #2.
S-1/Admin and Command Sponsor: Contact your UNIT to discuss how they would like you to start your check-in. They may start the check-in process digitally or they may have a person from your unit retrieve your documentation to start the check-in process for you.
IPAC and Disbursing can be contacted at: 808-257-8566
All applicants must complete the required documents on the Family Housing website. If you have submitted an advance application you can skip this step. If you are new to applying for housing the documents are available at: WWW.MCBHAWAII.MARINES.MIL > Welcome Aboard > Housing and Lodging > Family Housing”
Building 1571.

A quality house to make a family "home" is critical to a service member's readiness and to promote resiliency.  The Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCB Hawaii) Family Housing Office (FHO) provides assistance to our military families in their quest to find a "home" on the island of Oahu. We will ensure equitability, transparency, and clarity of purpose to ensure a clear understanding of current housing policies, assignment/referral process and procedures as we work diligently with our Public-Private Venture (PPV) partner and other service providers at MCB Hawaii.

To help you understand your various housing options - please click here.

The MCB Hawaii FHO and our PPV partner - Ohana Military Communities / A Hunt Military Communities (Ohana/Hunt), provides privatized housing to families of Marines assigned to duty on Oahu, and to members of other services assigned as tenant or supported commands at MCB Hawaii.  Ohana/Hunt operates and manages 2,576 privatized homes located at Kaneohe Bay, Camp Smith, and at Manana Housing.

The MCB Hawaii FHO is located on the first floor at 1571 Lawrence Road, Kaneohe Bay.  Our hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0730-1530; and Wednesday from 0730-1400.

Privatized Housing Application Process: All privatized family housing applications are submitted via MCB Hawaii FHO in order to determine housing eligibility, assign housing category based on pay grade, and determine control date and assignment priority.  Once all the required documents are received, the completed housing application is then referred to our PPV partner.  All inbound members are advised not to send their personally identifiable information (PII), DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing) and other supporting documents to any third party providers on the internet.

Housing Application Process Chart

Housing Application:  MCB Hawaii FHO uses the date of receipt of completed housing application to establish service member's waiting list control date.  The following documents need to be submitted:

DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing)
- Copy of PCS orders (web orders)
Registered Sex Offender Disclosure Statement
- MCB Hawaii Family Housing Applicant's Statement of Understanding (SOU)
Privacy Act Release Letter

Your waiting list control date is determined by the date we receive all five documents.  If your packet is incomplete, your control date will be set on the date we receive the final document.

Our contact information:
Phone:  Defense Switch Network (DSN Prefix 315) 457-2676 or COMM (808) 257-2676
Toll Free:  1-866-224-7942
Fax: DSN 457-1259 or COMM (808) 257-1259
Mail: Family Housing Department, Box 63003, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3003

Residence Floor Plans:
Please click this link to view and download privatized housing neighborhoods and floor plans at MCB Hawaii.

Upon Arrival: Service Members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must check-in with their unit and the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC),  and promptly report to the Family Housing Office within three working days of arrival. Marines will be required to provide a copy of their endorsed original orders, detaching and reporting endorsement from their S-1, and  travel voucher/documents.  Other service members supported at MCB Hawaii will need to provide a copy of their endorsed original orders and Command Sponsorship Letter.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your application and process, or to schedule an appointment with our counselors.

Important Reminder:  Per MCO 11000.22, all Military Personnel inbound MCB Hawaii are required to register at the Family Housing Office prior to entering into an off-base lease agreement or to purchase a home.

Failure to register may impact Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) entitlements, and forfeit future government paid local move.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP):  For additional information, please click this link ( if a member of your family is enrolled in EFMP.  If you have PCS/web orders pending screening by HQMC EFMP, please contact MCBH EFMP office at (808) 257-0290 at the earliest opportunity for assistance.  Our EFMP Office is located in Building 219 at MCB Hawaii Kaneohe. 

Overseas Temporary Loaner Furniture Program: If you are residing in our privatized housing and require temporary loaner furniture while awaiting delivery of your Household Goods (HHG), please contact Ohana Military Communities or call (808) 839-8700 for program details and information.

Military members in command sponsored accompanied tours residing in off-base homes or apartments that need loaner furniture support while waiting for their HHG should contact the MCB Hawaii FHO.  Please stop by our office or contact us at (808) 257-2676 for eligibility and details about the Overseas Temporary Loaner Furniture Program at MCB Hawaii.

Lending Locker:  Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Hawaii provides relocation assistance and lending locker program for newly arrived families.  Kitchenware and other household items are available for check-out while you are waiting for your household goods or unaccompanied baggage.  Please click “Family Member Employment Assistance and Relocation Service” for more information about this program.  

Pet Registration and MCBH Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF):  Please click on the link on your left for more VTF information and Pet Registration Policies at MCB Hawaii.  For privatized housing current and future residents, please click this link for OMC’s Community and Island Resource Page to get a copy of dog park rules, PPV community handbook, and other important information to include State of Hawaii Quarantine/Importing Information for your pets and animals.

Off-Base Counseling Service:  For service members that will be leasing an off-base home in the local Oahu community, the Family Housing Office provides limited off-base counseling service to make available relevant information prior to house hunting or signing your off-base lease.  Topics such as Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Codes, Service Member Civil Relief Act (SCRA), getting acquainted with the local communities, schools, and other information will be discussed. 

Please contact the Family Housing front desk at 257-2676 to schedule an appointment with our off-base counselor.

Schofield Barracks Housing Service Office (HSO): US Army Garrison Hawaii (USAG-Hawaii) is the Department of Defense executive agent for off-base housing on Oahu, and is located at Building 950, 215 Duck Road, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI.  This office is responsible for providing assistance to Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force families in locating suitable off-base housing in the local community for lease/rent.  USAG-Hawaii HSO can be reached at (808) 655-3073 to 655-3080.

Your Family Housing Options while on the island of Oahu:

      1.  Rent/lease in the local community.
      2.  Lease with MCB Hawaii PPV partner - Ohana/Hunt
      3.  Home Ownership
      4.  Lease with US Navy, Air Force, or Army privatized housing partners
            Navy -
            Air Force -
            Army -