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DOD COVID-19 Published Information

The Department of Defense recently published guidance regarding how COVID-19 positive cases in the U.S. military will be publicly reported. 

In order to maintain operational security, only the Office of the Secretary of Defense or Headquarters Marine Corps will release aggregate numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases.   Those numbers will be consolidated at the DoD/Service levels.

Numbers of people in isolation, quarantine, or possibly infected will not be released.

That said, to strike a balance with protecting operational security while maintaining transparency regarding the spread of the virus, we will announce via press release on Facebook when an individual* on Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay has tested positive for COVID-19.  If known, we will share how the individual became infected.  No further details will be released about positive cases, for example: the employment/duty status, age, or gender of the individual.  We will not provide a running tally. 

* “Individual” comprises service members, employees, contractors, and family members.

MCBH Coronavirus Resources and Information

MCBH is in Health Protection Condition (HPCON) level Bravo. 

As authorized by HQ USINDOPACOM and per COMMCICOM approval, MCB Hawaii made the deliberate and risk-based decision to transition to Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo effective 10 JUN 2020 at 18002. This decision is informed by local conditions based on public health surveillance data, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, collaboration with the State of Hawaii, and advice from the command PHEO. All current mitigation measures remain in place as MCBH continues to employ a conditions-based approach to COVID-19 response.

For further guidance, please contact your chain of command.

The following measures have been instituted in addition to previous announcements (Updated June 24th):

  • Local Area leave and liberty remains confined to the island of Oahu. 
  • Exceptions to policy for inter-island travel may be granted by commanders at the 0-5  level or above. 
  • MCBH will re-evaluate Local Area leave and liberty boundaries no earlier than 29 June 2020.
  • Leave outside of Hawaii requires approval from the first General Officer/SES in the chain of command. 
  • Off-base liberty for MCBH personnel is authorized with the exception of bars, night clubs, lounges, and establishments which do not conform to social distancing measures. 
  • All off-base leave and liberty must be conducted IAW orders and directives pertaining to social distancing and use of face coverings.
  • Participation in off­base retail shopping, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, hotels for leisure, tattoo parlors, and massage parlors is authorized.
  • Personnel are authorized to engage in off-base physical fitness activities, to include patronizing fitness facilities, where no physical contact with other patrons is expected.
  • Personnel are authorized to attend off-base places of worship and religious services.
  • Per MARADMIN 218/20, 6 Apr 2020, the Marine Corps directed that, to the extent practical, all individuals on Marine Corps property, installations, and facilities wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet of social distance. This applies to all Military, DOD Civilians, DOD Contractors, Dependents, and all other individuals on or in Marine Corps property. Face coverings worn by any individual shall be conservative in appearance, not offensive, and conform to CDC guidance.
  • To the extent practical, ensure all personnel in the MCBH area of responsibility (AOR) wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain 6 feet of social distance, and in designated areas where cloth face coverings are mandated. Ensure personnel have appropriate cloth face coverings readily accessible at all times when on MCBH property. Per MARADMIN 218/20, to the extent practical, military members and families within the MCBH AOR are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings in their barracks, family housing, or other shared residence locations.
  • Per CDC guidance, cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  • Personnel are authorized to walk, run, or do other outdoor physical training activities on MCBH and at open parks, trails, and beaches in the City and County of Honolulu as long as social distancing is implemented. Visit the MCCS website for information on what services and locations are open or closed for MCBH personnel use. Off-base physical activity will conform to current state and local regulations. 
  • Appropriate cloth face coverings will be used by all individuals at the following locations on MCBH, as well as in areas designated by unit commanders:
    • Commissary.
    • Military Post Office.
    • DEERS/ID Office.
    • PMO Pass House.
    • All indoor MCCS activities including MCX, Marine Marts, and contracted vendors.
    • All construction activities.
    • Mess Hall patrons and workers will wear appropriate cloth face coverings when not actively engaged in eating or drinking.
  • PMO is currently conducting 100% identification (ID) checks. Please have IDs of ALL vehicle occupants ready upon approach to H-3 Main Gate.
  • Effective immediately, the MCBH Kaneohe Bay Back Gate will be open Mon-Fri 0530-2200 and Sat-Sun 0800-1400. 
  • Effective 15 June, the Camp Smith Echo Gate will resume normal operating hours, subject to change by PMO.
  • All persons aboard MCBH must maintain social distance of 6 feet.
  • BEACHES: Effective immediately, Entry Control Points (ECP) are no longer required at MCBH beaches and beach access is no longer limited to Active Duty and Dependents only. North Beach, Pyramid Rock Beach, Hale Koa Beach, Secret Beach, and Fort Hase Beach are now open.

  • Modifications to MCCS Facilities, Services and Activities. For up to date impacts, hours and closures, please visit here and also monitor All MCCS Facilities are observing a mandated 6′ separation for social distancing enforcement. Please observe this for your safety as well as the employees.
    • MCCS PROGRAMMING UPDATES – Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) will cautiously, deliberately and safely reintegrate programming upon the direction of installation leadership.  Every activity’s re-opening has been carefully scrutinized to balance quality of life programs for the installation community with strict adherence to health protection measures.
    • Within all MCCS facilities, social distancing measures are firmly in place, and cloth face coverings are required as guided.
    • Schedules and considerations are available at MCCSHAWAII.COM.
  • BaseBul 12630 - Civilian Leave Policy for COVID-19
  • Commissary​ The Kaneohe MCBH Commissary will adjust hours of operation in response to the elevated security and community health concerns starting March 24, 2020. Along with DeCA as an Agency, we will continue to enforce a no guest policy. We will also be limiting patron entrance into the store to 75 individuals at a time to encourage social distancing. The store will allow the elderly, 60 and older, to shop one hour early Tuesday and Saturday from 0900-1000. This provision will not be available to agents or caretakers. In addition, the register will be available exclusively for active duty personnel in uniform Tuesday through Sunday from 1600-1700. The store will remain closed Monday due to manpower and supply logistics. This day will continue to be used for stock replenishment and cleaning. Finally, the store will have a two hour delayed opening on Thursday until 1100 in order for staff to perform additional preventative cleaning duties.
  • Mokapu Elementary School -  School facilities remain closed to students. For up to date information, please monitor the HIDOE website.Please continue to check the DOE and Mokapu school website and social media outlets for updates and other important information.
  • The Super Playground on Mokapu Road is temporarily closed to encourage social distancing.
  • Defense Services Organization (DSO) Staffing and Operational Posture: Defense counseling services for NJP, Adsep, Investigations, etc. will be by telephonic appointment only. Counseling will still occur during our normal counseling hours of Tuesday and Thursday 1300-1600. If you have Marines in need of counseling, please send an email to with the following 24-hours prior to the requested counseling session: Name of Marine, rank, current unit, cell phone number, reason for counseling, and any accompanying paperwork (PTA, Investigation, 6105, Notice of Adsep, etc.). Please copy and to the email as well. Times will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Thank you in advance for your patience and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. As always, existing clients represented by counsel may call their attorneys directly to schedule appointments as needed.
  • Legal Services Support Services - We intend to begin a tiered approach to resuming in-person legal assistance services.  Currently, all services are offered by appointment only.  Beginning 3 June 2020, the Legal Assistance Office Kaneohe Bay will begin a hybrid plan to re-open services to clients.  Clients and potential clients may still set up appointments remotely and receive consultations over the phone should they desire.  This will be the default for elderly or at-risk clients.  All other clients may begin coming in person to the Legal Assistance Office on Tuesdays and Fridays from 0800-1100  for consultations.  Clients must still call ahead to schedule an hour block during which they may arrive, as we will only admit up to 6 clients in our waiting room at any given time, e.g. 6 clients per hour.  We will maintain 6 feet of distance between chairs in which clients will be seated.  The latest a client may arrive prior to the end of their assigned hour block is 20 minutes until the hour.  We will continue enforcing the use of face masks and hand sanitizer.  Eligible people desiring a POA/notary/bill of sale may begin to access the LAO as normal, on a walk-in basis on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 0730 to 1600 and Tuesday and Friday from 1100-1600.  We will place commonly-used forms outside our main hatch for ease of access, admit no more than 6 POA clients at a time, and enforce social distancing of 6 feet.  During the walk-in consultation time we will be suspending notary services to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and capacity of 6 people.
  • Veterinary Treatment Facility will no longer provide routine care for privately owned animals (POA). The VTFs will continue to provide the following services for POAs: Health certificates, as required Rabies vaccines that will expire within the next 14 days Vaccinations and deworming for puppies and kittens under 17 weeks old Pharmacy refill services Government owned animal (GOAs) and military working dog (MWDs) care is not affected by this change. PHA-H will update the community as the situation continues to develop.
  • Due to current health protection conditions, PMO is limiting their in-person response for service to reduce the likelihood personnel are exposed to the COVID-19 virus.  PMO will assist with all non-emergency incidents over the phone and determine if an in-person response is necessary.  Regardless of the type of response, all reporting requirements will still be met. As a reminder, PMO’s Desk Sergeant number is 808.257.2123.
    • PMO Customer Service Center BLDG 1095 will be M-F 0800-1400 & CLOSED 1100-1130 for lunch.  Services rendered are limited due to social distancing standards include Local Records Checks, issuance of Non-Resident Forms, Weapons Registration, and Checkouts. House guest and Fingerprinting are suspended until further notice.  For questions call 808-257-0183.
    • MCBH Visitor’s Center BLDG 1637 will be M-F 0600-1400.  Services rendered are limited due to social distancing standards Non-Resident Forms, DBIDS essential personnel, Vetting/Base access for on-call essential personnel (for work purposes only) For questions call 808-257-2047.
    • MCBH Camp Smith PMO Customer Service Center will be M-F 0630-1400.  Services rendered are limited due to social distancing standards include Local Records Checks, issuance of Non-Resident Forms, Weapons Registration, and Checkouts.  House guest and Fingerprinting are suspended until further notice.  For question call 808-477-8735. If you have any questions about this please email

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